Comfort in the Chaos

Do you find comfort in the chaos?

After a storm and the bits of things that used to be a part of something else are scattered and strewn about,

is there a part of you that thinks, "this is correct."?

I think this might be a connection to the truth that the universe itself was born by cataclysmic coincidence.

Human beings try to make order, we draw within lines.

We tidy up, we spray pests, we eschew dirt,

making believe that we are not the same stuff,

when we are but carbon.

Molecules perfectly aligned by virtue of happenstance.

Order can become disorderly if there is too much of it,

and freedom can come from the loosening of the grip on making sure that

every. little. thing. is. in. its. place.

Mess can be perfection. It just takes a shift of perspective.


Cameron Harrie