Slippery When Whet

Behold the appetizer, and the apertif:

paired together, they stimulate your senses

and prepare you for more.

We'll serve you just enough to leave room for something sweet.

Don't worry- though you couldn't if you tried.

You see, we've consulted the best in the business.

You won't even know what hit you.

And of course, no regrets.

You've earned it.

The atmosphere is warm and flowing and we serve you with a smile.

Don't forget to tip my dear, for

We are pioneers.


We serve illusion, and yes of course there is room for your party of




be merry.

Just not too loud. We have an atmosphere to adhere to.

The rules are printed on your napkin.

You can sneak a peek while you wipe your fingers.

Once you get the check it's better if you don't look.

To estimate the tip:

Go inward and calculate how much your service was worth,

then double it.

We hope you enjoyed your experience.

Don't forget that our menu changes daily.

Come again soon.


Cameron Harrie